About the Artist

LeeAnn (Lena) Hausselman

Owner / Head Artist 

Establish 2010

I created this store for those who like to be unique, and live outside the mainstream. In my early days I was sick and tired of trying to find pieces that were unique (not something everyone else had), beautiful and still aline with the lifestyle(s) I wanted the dress as. At the same time, have pieces that could be worn almost everyday, day and night. 

The name Shadowcraft hails from many different things. When I started making my jewelry it craft hobby. Shadow part is a little bit witchy, non-mainstream lifestyle (the shadow crowd) and the mystery of the unknown. 

Today, Shadowcraft can owes its original growth to our "Mom and Pop” jewelry craft / resellers. Because of this, I value our small and large customers equally. 


The Store

At my online store and pop-up sites, you will find:

My Handmade by Lena ~ Pieces that are lIke Newly Hade Made Pieces, Upcycled Redesigns, & Limited Collections.

Artist Made Items ~ Other Artists Pieces ~ from new artists just starting out to professional artists with large scale productions. 

World Warehouse Items - In multiple locations  ~ Beautifully Made, NEW Items stuck in a warehouses that need a living home. 

Also, some pieces from other companies at affordable / discounted prices. I believe in being unique, elegant and to create pieces to enhance the look of the individual for any occasion. That doesn’t break the bank. This is the goal of my store.


Product Lines

Alternative jewelry and accessories, with 

the muse of the otherworldly lifestyles that gives my crafts a wicked edge for the off the normal lifestyles which includes: 

Gothic, Witchy, Urbantribe, Wasteland and Historic, Coexist World, Boho Nature, and any and all Cosplay, Fantasy Cultures. 


My Promise to You

I promise to give you my best in all I do. Apart from providing you with high quality, authentic and unique Shadowcraft products, I commit to a friendly, and professional customer service experience, whilst having plenty of fun along the way!

My vision for the future of Shadowcraft, is the same as it has always been:

Unique Design for Unique Individuals.



Corporate Address 

Shadowcraft Jewelry & More is apart of the Amos Holdings LLC family.


Amos Holdings LLC 

15701 Sherman Way, Unit 14175 

Van Nuys, California, 91409

Untied States of America 


Amos Holdings LLC is a California Limited Liability Company - File #