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Shadowcraft Jewerly & More

Obsidian Daggers | Natural Black Crystal | 7 in+ (3 Styles)

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Natural Black Obsidian Crystal / Stone Knife.
This decorative knife will be the jewel in any collection.
It promotes natural health, spiritual growth, & feng shui. Obsidian has extremely exorcism effect, use it in meditation / practices to avoid the interference of negative energy. This wonderful dagger makes a great gift or addition to your home decor.

Obsidian can repel negative energy strongly. Also it can remove the bad mildew smell and bad luck, regardless of personal wear or placed at home, This dagger will stand as guardian stone in life. Carry this athame knife at your side. 


World Warehouse Items: Hand Craved
Materials: Natural Black Obsidian 
Length: 4.5-6 in / 120-150mm
(Please allow slight deviations in length & look of the crystal.)
Weight: May Vary 
Quantity: 1PC